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By downloading the DISPRO software you agree to the following conditions:

The user accepts the DISPRO v2.5 download under the conditions that no express or implied warranties are made by Dr. John O'Donnell with respect to fitness for purpose of the software in the download. Dr. John O'Donnell shall not be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages which may arise out of the use, or inability to use, the DISPRO v2.5 software. You assume responsibility for the selection of the program to achieve your intended results, and for the installation, use, and results obtained from the program. All DISPRO v2.5 modules are the property of Dr. John O'Donnell and cannot be sold or modified in any way.

If you download DISPRO, please sign the Guest Book

The DISPRO software is provided as a Zip file (to get a trial copy of WinZip go to here)

Before installing DISPRO25 it is suggested that the following directory structure be created on , for example, drive C: (this is consistent with the discussion in Manual_1.pdf )

DISPRO.ZIP should be downloaded to C:\FILTER and the contents extracted therein.  There will be a total of 23 files extracted: 6 .txt, and 17 .exe.  The files are


The main module


Graphical specification of filter specifications
Computation of coefficients for IIR filters, and transformations from LP prototype to HP/BP/BS
Design of pass/stop band, and arbitrary magnitude characteristic FIR linear-phase filters using the Parks-McClellan-Remez algorithm
KSFIRDES .EXE Design of Kaiser-windowed FIR filters
FCOMPLOT .EXE Computation and plotting of frequency responses
ROUNDCOF .EXE Rounding of coefficients to finite wordlengths
Simulation of the time-domain response of the filter in floating- or fixed-point arithmetic
FFTSPEC .EXE Spectrum computation and plotting with FFT
EXPORT .EXE Coefficient output for specific DSP chips
BRT71EFR .EXE Run-time library
Various help files

The main module is DISPRO25.EXE.  You should download and read Manual_1.pdf for information on starting and running DISPRO25.

You can optionally install in C:\FILTER\UTIL the five (5) utility programs in  These are written in Basic.  The purpose of each utility program is described in the comments in each of the .bas files.  I apologize for the state of these utility programs, realizing that a Basic interpreter is not widely available in today's personal computer world; if you can find a copy of QBASIC, which was last available circa 1993, it will execute in a Windows XP 'Command Prompt' window.  The syntax of these programs is compatible with Visual Basic, but you would have to create your own interface.   As an aid, .EXE versions of the two stand-alone programs are included in (check the ReadMe file therein).

DISPRO Execution Options:

  1. Open a Command Prompt window in Win XP/2000 (DOS Prompt in Win 98SE) .
    Type CD \Filter <CR> and then DISPRO25 <CR>.  You can do this each time you run DISPRO, or you can create a shortcut on the desktop.
  2. To create a shortcut in Win XP
    In Windows Explorer go to C:\Filter
    Right-click on DISPRO25(.EXE) to get pop-up menu
    Select "Create Shortcut".  A shortcut file "Shortcut to DISPRO25" will appear
    With the left mouse button drag this file out of the Windows Explorer window onto the desktop.
    Right-click the shortcut icon and select "Properties".  In the "Program" tab click the "Change Icon" button, then click "Browse".  Navigate back to C:\Filter and select DSP.ico.  Click OK.
    Finally, right-click the icon again and select "Rename"; edit the name to just DISPRO25.

A similar process can be followed in Win 98SE to create a shortcut.

DISPRO25 should be run in a window that is sized 80 columns by 25 rows.  You can toggle between the window view and the "DOS" full screen view using Alt-Enter.  When DISPRO uses a graphic screen it will automatically appear in the "DOS" full screen mode, and Alt-Enter will not switch back to a window.

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