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Running DISPRO in Windows® 7

Under all previous editions of Microsoft Windows®, DOS programs that are run from the Command Prompt could operate in both windowed and full-screen mode.  Switching between these modes is done manually by use of the Alt-Enter key combination or, as in DISPRO, through program operation when graphics mode is entered.  Unfortunately, full-screen mode is not allowed in VISTA, and DISPRO cannot even run in a Command Prompt window in WINDOWS 7.

Fortunately, a workaround is available through the use of DOSBox, a freeware package which provides a windowed environment for the execution of DOS programs (I'm indebted to Dr. J. Garner for drawing my attention to this software).  You can learn about the program at and download DosBox0.74-win32-installer.exe at  The DOSBox software will be installed in c:\ProgramFiles(x86)\DOSBox-0.74, and a shortcut will be placed on the desktop.  The emulation in DOSBox allows DOS programs to execute under all versions of Windows including Vista and Windows 7.  Interestingly, the application has been ported to other operating systems so that, it appears, you can run DISPRO on a Mac under OS X.  My experience with DOSBox in Windows 7 has been positive, with the exception of printing: because DISPRO looks in the DOS low memory area to determine if a printer is attached to a parallel port (either LPT1, LPT2, or LPT3), the expected information is apparently not emulated in DOSBox so DISPRO informs you that the printer is not ready.  The filter coefficients are always stored in the FDF file.  The screen plots can be captured to JPEG files using Win7's "Snipping Tool".

Begin by creating  the directory c:\Filter with subdirectories c:\Filter\Data and c:\Filter\Util.  Download DISPRO25.Zip and extract the files to c:\Filter. Click on the DOSBox shortcut: two windows will appear, only one of which is to be used—the other is DOSBox's status window. 

Now "mount" the directory that contains DISPRO25

Now you can start DISPRO by typing DISPRO25.  The first time you start DISPRO you need to specify a directory for storing the filter data files.  Because DOSBox considers c:\filter to be just c:, you need only enter data (not c:\filter\data).  Because there is no parallel printer support in Win7, select (No Graphics Printer).  You can continue to run DISPRO in the DOSBox window, or use Alt-Enter to switch to a full-screen DOS emulation.